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Friday, October 21, 2016

Baidu Website optimization process

Explore more about BAIDU – Chinese Search Engine

You all know about Baidu, search engine of china. Regarding Baidu search engine there are so many questions in everyone’s mind; here are some questions searched by billions around the world about Baidu –
1.      Baidu VS Google SEO
2.      Baidu SEO guide
3.      How to optimize website for Baidu?
4.      Baidu SEO best practices
5.      How images optimized with Baidu.

Some know these answers, but many of them are unaware about the Baidu search engine. So this content will guide you everything about the Chinese search engine Baidu.

How to Utilize the Chinese search engine – Baidu

As we all know the Giant search engine Google won’t fly with Chinese search engine Baidu. This blog guides you how to use the Chinese search engine for digital marketing - Going organic with Baidu – Master yourself in Chinese search engine Baidu.

As we all know we are living in the highly competitive industry, where brokers all over the world increasing improve their costs through the paid channels. To get rid of paid advertisements nowadays business professionals around the world using search engine optimization as the key element to improving the return of investment. Talking to china where brokers or business professionals still rely on the traditional paid marketing and heavily focus on the media deals. This is because of the Chinese marketing policy run through government concern, not adhering the giant search engine in their country for small, big and medium business.
Here we help you to understand how to use the Baidu as a search engine in china for your business in China and how to get more profit from it.

Why business professionals or brokers neglect search engine optimization in china?

This is because china dominated by the Baidu, founded in 2000. The Chinese Baidu doesn’t follow the approach of giant search engine Google. There are many similarities that Baidu associated with Google, Baidu differ in certain elements, like – Giant Google domination or designed its functionality for whole the world, and Chinese Baidu doesn’t follow the complete advance organic ideas of Google. Google follows policy – “for all humanity”. The one thing is similar about Baidu is, it is the complete copy of the Giant Google, but focus too much on paid advertisements, but there are tactics to make the Chinese search engine for organic behavior.

How Baidu differs from Google?

1.       Baidu’s search results are different from Google.
2.       Baidu shows the brand zone when keywords are related to a brand.
3.       Baidu offers services like – Wikipedia, yahoo answer type results, encyclopedia, Reddit type bulletin board (Tieba). If a search is done for any keyword in Baidu.
4.       In search results, Goggle shows 2-3 paid links followed by organic results; while the Baidu heavily promote its own resources before organic results during search results.
Question: Is there any to apply organic search engine optimization efforts for targeted website through the Baidu search engine.
Answer: Yes of course, for Baidu search engine here are some key points which used to get better search engine ranking , but it would be beneficial to build up your website presence using the Baidu’s own resources are paid.

Attention to your profession website through organic elements! Hera re some key elements and technical SEO – follow them to boost your business website visibility using Baidu.

1.       Content is the King

·         Web page content, title tags, Metadata, simplified in the Chinese language.
·         Avoid roman characters, except in the URL.
·         The page name is written in the pinyin (Chinese words written in roman characters).

·         Website penalized if has duplicate content; go with unique content for Baidu search engine visibility.
·         Each page should have unique 300 words content.
·         Avoid copy paste content from other websites.

Mets description and Keywords
Baidu like other search engines gives high preference to the Meta description and keywords for better search engine ranking. Make sure your website for Chinese engine must contain a Meta description and keywords.

Off-site SEO
·         Improved a lot by Baidu in the off-site area, but significantly behind the Goggle in terms of evaluating the inbound links (A hyperlink from another side back to your website).
·          Under inbound link creation, Baidu prefers quantity instead of quality.
·         Ranking improved for those websites in Baidu search results which focus more on creating links.
·         So focus on inbound link creation for Baidu higher ranking search results.

Avoid Java, flash, and iFrames
·         HTML content preferred by a Baidu search engine.
·         Baidu does not well with flash or the Java
·         Chinese search engine does not crawl iFrames.
·         For website has a java based menu structure, navigational links applied at the footer?

2.       Technical search engine optimization for Baidu search engine

Simple structure
·         The Baidu’s crawling power is not as much as sophisticated like the Google.
·         It prefers simple flat website structure
·         It also avoids the too much click to the content.

Page load Speed
·         Websites which, easily loaded in china search engine get improved search engine ranking.
·         Web site hosted outside china offer disadvantage because of the Great firewall of china.
·         If wish for improved search engine ranking in china, host your website through Chinese local host companies or use CDNs

Image Optimization using Alt Attribute
·         Baidu also prefers images should have alt tags, so make sure all images have content in the alt tags for easy image ranking process.

Anchor text
·         Al anchor text has links for improving your website visibility in the Chinese Baidu search engine ranking.
·         All anchor text has internal or external links.

Local Domain
·         Top priority for locally hosted domain through Baidu, use .cn or .com.cn
·         It is highly recommended to use Chinese .cn domain suffix.
·         Baidu penalizes websites having multiple domains or subdomains.
·         Do not host any other country site on the same server.

Baidu webmaster tool
·         Like other search engines, Baidu webmaster tool is not too much advance, but it is necessary to use it.

3.       Legal issues about Chinese search engine

Locally hosted website
·         Obtain ICP (Internet Content Publishing) license, while targeting your website in china, and wish to get higher rank in Chinese search engine.
·         If you are a foreign company, then obtain ICP from local providers.
·         Do you know? Financial services definitely not approved.
·         Censorship is quite heavily used by Chinese search engine.
·         Your website de-indexed by Baidu if your web pages contain blacklisted keywords.
·         IF comments from visitors, moderate them and remove the blacklisted keywords.
·         There are websites from which you can easily find the blacklisted keywords.


This is how to use the Chinese search engine for marketing your websites. Not difficult, but paid advertisements done easily through Baidu, Google, which is for all users around the world, while the Chinese domination is only in the china. Students, teachers, professionals should know how to use the Chines search engine Baidu for their business marketing strategy in the china. 
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