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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Learn about Forum Discussions

What is a Forum?

It is a place on the Internet where online discussions done by the people. It is also called a message board. These are discussion websites where people can hold vivid conversations relevant to their queries in the form of messages. Some forums designed for fixed category, and some are of the mixed category. Like – if you are only searching for health forums you will get the forum which has discussions related to health. Even mixed forums are available also, where all kinds of discussions are available.

Forums Discussions Link building

How to search FORUMS?

1.       Open google.com
2.       Use the following footprint “forums on keyword” such as how to find health related forums? Type in the Google – forums on health
3.       Get all relevant forums in the search engine
4.       This is the best method to search forums of any kind related to any business.

Do you know how many types of links you obtained from the Forums?

There are three types of links you or link builder or SEO professionals obtained from the forums –
1.       Forum profile links
2.       Links through forum signature
3.       Links from a forum discussion
Before that, you should complete the forum registration process, here we go -
1.       Forums researched through search engines
2.       Open forum in new tab
3.       Sign up or registration option is there – click there
4.       Agree terms
5.       Fill complete forum details including – username, first –last name, email, password, DOB, Age, Sex, Why Join, web URL, short bio, and finally apply the captcha details shown in the image.
6.       Submit the forum
7.       Verification link is sent to your email applied during the forum
8.       Verify the forum link from receiving email
9.       Now login to the applied forum.
10.   After login visit to the user control panel of the forum, where you should fill the complete profile details such as web URLs and Bio if not provided during registration. Due to huge forum spams, Bio and Homepage URL provided after forum registration.
11.   Even signature also provided after the complete forums registration and its verification.

First step after forum registration

1.       Introduce yourself, there is a thread where the new forum members introduce themselves who are they and why they register to that forum

Things to take care while completing forum profile after registration

1.       Genuine information provided during the registration, so profile looks real; For example – forum related to health and fitness – In the bio you should write – “I am James Bond, working as a health trainer. I have my fitness and exercise club, daily I do yoga, and also provide health and fitness tips to people who are looking for”.

2.        What is included in the Introduction thread?

Under this genuine information proposed so the profile looks real – we would like to say that for every business introduction is all about what you are!

Getting Forum Profile links

After completing forum registration, go to the forum homepage, below last live online members’ option available; there is your username available, click on it to a new tab, save the URL, open it in a new browser; if your public profile is visible to the new browser, you discover that your forum profile link is live.

How to get the live Forum Signature link?

After forum login, visit the user control panel, fill the signature option with URL, and view your forum profile. Open the forum profile URL in a new browser, if the back-link is live you will get the live forum signature

Importance of Forum signature

While the discussion in the forum on a particular thread, the forum post offers an option to attach the signature the post or avoid the signature! It means for every forum posts the signature automatically attached to it, but an option is provided to attach the link to the post or not.

How to discover the forum link through Discussion?

1.       After registration there are various threads in the forum where the discussion takes place, select the appropriate thread and select the appropriate post to have no reply’s or one reply, post your message in such a manner so it looks like the genuine message. Provide a link in such a way that it complete the sentence and the information.

Take the following points while the forum link building

1.       Do not provide a link to anchor text in first, two, or three posts.
2.       Build a good authority of your forum profile by visiting every day and providing genuine solutions to the posts.
3.       If posts are greater than 20 or 30, then and then only create links with anchor text.
4.       There are forums which give links on the first post, search them.
5.       The message to the discussion board should convey an accurate and genuine message for readers.

Benefits of Forum discussions

1.       High quality links obtained from the forums.
2.       Do follow links obtained from the forums.
3.       Website keyword search engine ranking improves.
4.       Generate genuinely and huge traffic to the business website.
5.       It is the best link building method.


The forum discussion is one of the best and unique method to build trusted and high authority profile, which generate trust and high quality of link which easily generate huge and genuine traffic to the website, thus increasing website search engine visibility according to the targeted keywords.
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