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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

how to rank a website on google

               PPC Agency near me in New York USA

SEO Agency near me in NYC USA - How to rank a web page in gogole

Are you running a small business? Are you running a medium business? Are you a founder of a big business? Are you still running a Traditional business in the 21st century? Are you planning to shift your traditional business to online? Are you planning to grow your business via Digital marketing? 

Business owners have so many questions related to digital marketing... but Do you know what are the expectations of a business owner? 

Digital Marketing Agency near me in NYC USA

More leads... Yes, or No, but instead of this 'SALES' that is what every business owner expect always search throughout Internet how to increase sales? 

The Question is - 

“Marketing is more important than sales.”

True or false? 😅

Here is the Answer ---

Sale guy: purchase this cost is this... This...
Marketing guy: these are the features of this product
1. Reliable
2. High quality
3. Time long life
4. And so on...
Sale happens
Improve business brand visibility
Marketing makes more sales...
That is big brands are famous all over the world because they do marketing
That is why marketing is important

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Hope you got It...

But with which strategy SEO, SMM, or PPC? The answer is simple Target Google ranks your business at the top page of Google for various keywords. It is because ...

- Google owns 90% of the worlds Search market

- Every year more than 2 trillion searches happen on Google...

Why you don't want to use Google to grow your business? No Doubt patience require, but to rank a website it all depends on various factors especially high-quality work.

Do You Know?

Search Engine Optimization Agency Near Me in NYC USA

Due to lack of knowledge, you know a little about digital marketing, and in that, if you are a small business owner or a medium business owner, you must go with Organic SEO Services. No doubt it takes time but you Save thousands and earn huge ROI as compared to the PPC.  

So, Lets get start, as if you are running Small or a medium business in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose, Austin, Fort Worth, Jacksonville, Columbus, Charlotte, Indianapolis, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Washington, Boston, El Paso, Nashville, Detroit, Las Vegas, Oklahoma City, Portland, Memphis, Louisville, Milwaukee, Baltimore, Albuquerque, Tucson, Fresno, Mesa, Sacramento, Atlanta, Kansas City, Colorado, Springs, Omaha, Raleigh, Miami, Long Beach, Virginia Beach, Minneapolis, Oakland, Tampa, Tulsa, Arlington, Wichita, New Orleans, Aurora, Bakersfield, Cleveland, Anaheim, Honolulu, Santa Ana, Riverside, Henderson, Corpus Christi, Lexington, Stockton, Saint Paul, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Greensboro, St. Louis, Plano, Lincoln, Orlando, Anchorage, Durham, Irvine, Newark, Chula Vista, Fort Wayne, Toledo, St. Petersburg, Chandler, Laredo, Madison, Jersey City, Scottsdale, Lubbock, North Las Vegas, Reno, Gilbert, Glendale, Buffalo, Winston–Salem, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Irving, Garland, Fremont, Richmond, Hialeah, Boise, Spokane, Tacoma, Baton Rouge, San Bernardino, Fontana, Modesto, Moreno Valley, Des Moines, Fayetteville, Santa Clarita, Frisco, Port St. Lucie, McKinney, Oxnard, Birmingham, Rochester, Salt Lake City, Huntsville, Cape Coral, Tempe, Yonkers, Grand Rapids, Amarillo, Huntington Beach, Little Rock, Glendale, Augusta, Overland Park, Columbus, Aurora, Tallahassee, Montgomery, Akron or in any part of the world then you are at the right place where you can discover how to rank your website on Google with the help of Organic SEO

Udmideas seo agency near me in NYC USA

Lets Come to main part of this content - Organic SEO

Till reading, you know about SEO, and yes it helps to rank any business niche website in google, but do you know what SEO is? SEO is a Digital Marketing strategy especially suitable for all businesses, but mostly small and medium businesses go with it (Those who know its Power), as it is cost-effective and offers huge ROI compare to the PPC.

Our Case Study

Currently, we are ranking on the 2nd page of Google USA for the keyword 'PPC Agency near me' in Just 25 days, And we will get rank it at the top page as we are working hard on Organic SEO. We are ranking because we are following all the rules and regulations of Google.

No doubt if you are looking for a real-time example regarding Google Keyword ranking, then watch this Video - ''We are ranking for the keyword 'PPC Agency Near Me' at 3rd page of Google'' in Just 20 Days... 

Hope you like it, That's Great, So do you want to rank your business website at the top of Google? Yes... Let's Continue...

One more query you have regarding SEO? Can we rank our USA business website to European countries via Google SEO? Well, That Great question, and the answer is yea, Yes you can rank your USA business website to any of the mentioned European countries locations such as Austria, Italy, Belgium, Latvia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Croatia, uxembourg, Cyprus, Malta, Czechia, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Estonia, Portugal, Finland, Romania, France, Slovakia, Germany, Slovenia, Greece, Spain, Hungary, Sweden - all you have to do is Organic SEO.

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Follow These Steps 'how to rank a website on google'. Getting the rank of your website at the top page of Google means more leads, means more customers visit your business, and network with you so you can easily convert them into sales.

1. Create a creative, Simple, Attractive website according to your business niche.

We have a Space where we live called our Sweet home. We all do work hard to make our sweet home beautiful, creative, and attractive so anyone visits discover heavenly feeling, even we with our family members discover sweet heaven on this earth. The same is true about the digital world, where we have to rent a space called hosting in the world of www for our home creation in the form of a website. Here also we make our website creative, attractive, user-friendly, beautiful, load easily on mobile desktop and tablet along with following all the SEO rules and regulations of Giant Google which are more than 300. 

So, follow these steps while creating a website  -

1. Think Unique, creative, and attractive domain name for your website. like if you are running a SPA business in New York USA then here are some unique domain names like weeklyspa, relaxhourspa, happyspa, spausa, spaeast, spanorth, sunspa and so on... 
Even you can select domain name as your Name like if your name is stella then choose stellaspa, john then johnspa, and so on... The Domain name must be unique in the world.

2. Always choose .com domain - well sometimes it depends that the .com domain is not available then go with your country domain like .au, ie, .in .online, and so on

3. Purchase 'hosting' take a space on www where you can upload your website. 

4. Forth step is to build a Creative and attractive website using WordPress, Magento, PHP, ASP Dot Net,  ExpressionEngine, Zend. 

The best platform to create a website is what we would like to recommend is the easy WordPress and SEO Friendly for all business owners around the world. If you are setting up an eCommerce website then go with Zend, Magento, WooCommerce, Web Platforms. 

Take care - During the creation of a business website the website menu sections consist of  - Home - About Us - Services - Contact Us - Blog

The most important thing is kindly including the Blog section. It is very necessary because Google likes new unique informative content. If you weekly or daily post blogs at your website in the blog section then it automatically improves your keyword rankings in Google. Make sure that the blog content is SEO Optimized keep in mind that the keyword density per blog is about 2%. Don't do keyword stuffing. Don't copy and paste others' content at your website. 

2. Do keyword research and apply to the website so it becomes searchable in Google for various keywords. 

Do you know Google unable to understand or read the images? So to make images readable apply keywords in the alt tags of the images. Applying keywords to the images makes Google bots happy to show your images on a particular keyword in the image section. Like - Our business name is Udmideas, no doubt we have the logo of Udmideas but to make Google bots read the logo we have to apply the keyword Udmideas in the alt tag, Same you can do for all images like if images related to PPC then in the alt tag use PPC related keywords. So, keyword plays a very important role, how to select keywords as here you can read -  

How to do the keyword research as it is a big question? No doubt, So many professionals even web app agency owners, business owners don't know what to do for the keyword research as many ask these questions in various social media channels, there are so many answers regarding this but the best option you can use are as follows -

1. Use Google Keyword Planner

It is one of the best free tools for keyword research. Why Google keyword Planner is the best keyword research tool? It is because it is part of the Google giant search Engine. Google runs algorithms always to find the best keywords according to your business niche. The most important thing about this tool is it shows the keyword researches for the PPC ads that people run at google for the various business niche. No doubt, there are so many paid tools available but if the same things we discover with free from Google keyword planner then why switch to paid tools. Even all the paid tools do also have the same algorithm pattern as google and extract the data from google. 

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How to research keywords using the Google Keyword Planner?

1. Search in the Google - Google keyword Planner 

2. log in to the Google keyword planner

PPC Agency near me in NYC USA
2 options you will discover
- select the first one

Google Ads PPC Agency near me in NYC USA

- put the keywords
- select the location USA
Keyword ranking Google PPC Agency near me in NYC USA

Click on get results
here are the results -

Keywords ranking Google ads ppc agency near me in NYC USA

Now the question arises of which is the best keyword and how much time it takes to rank the keywords? The answer is a simple look at the competition and average monthly searches. What we would like to recommend is you can take the low and medium competitive keywords... whose searches are 100 to 1k - to rank those keywords it takes 2 to 3 months if you do high-quality Organic SEO. Also, go with long-tail keywords and keyword variations like add nearby or near me to the end of the keywords... use geographically targeted keywords... and so on...

Do you need any help regarding Keyword research?
Text at - 253-300-6285

2. Do manual keyword research

Well, it is a must and with the help of it, you can discover which keyword rank in how much time? it is not easy, as lots of research and analysis are required to know the perfect keyword ranking time.

Along with the keyword research you have to find the keywords based on keyword types...

So here are the following types of keyword -

- Long Tal Keywords - for example 'PPC Agency near me in NYC USA'

- Short Tail Keywords for example - 'PPC Agency'

- Geographical Location Keywords - for example 'NYC PPC Agency',  'California PPC Agency'

- Sales Keywords - 'buy PS5', 'purchase PS5'

- Generic Keywords ... Do research... :) 

- If you are running Google ads then keywords are of Exact match, Broad Match, and Phrase Match

First Create an excel sheet of keywords according to your business niche then apply them to the website web content and the meta tags. Make sure the keyword density is about 2%.

3.Write Creative Informative and Unique Web Content.

How to win over the content strategy? here are some SEO content writing tips -

1. Set focused keyword for a particular web page

2. web content should be 500+ words

3. Use AI in the web content

4. Content Should Be Plagiarism-Free

web content optimization seo agency near me in NYC USA

4. Optimize the web content - make keyword density 2%. put keywords in the web content.

Suppose the Keyword is 'PPC Agency near me' and you want to create web content for it, then use it 2 times only in 100 words. Go with Keyword variations of it like pay per click agency near me, google ads agency near me, PPC paid ad agency near me, and so on...

5. Do on-Page Optimization of your website . 

It means to make a website to follow the Giant Google rules and regulations. There are More than 300+ Google rules and regulations for which the website needs to follow, the most important on-page optimization rules are - mobile-friendly, core web vitals, meta tags (description), URL Structure, web page speed - page load in 3 to 5 seconds, Plagiarism free web content, image optimization, removing unnecessary code from the website (It is because if there is extra code then the bots take time to read the website, as well as it also takes more time to load the website from the server in front of the online visitor if the web page takes too much time to load the online visitors leave the website and switch to another business...

You have to search them and optimize your website or you can give us a text at USA  +1-253.300.6285 or WhatsApp - +91-9521186150 we are ready to assist you to grow your business online...

SEO On Page Optimization 

Keyword Research

Website Analysis

Title Tag creation and Optimization

Robots . txt Optimization and Sitemap

Image (ALT) tag Optimization

Header Tag Optimization


Schema Implementation

Custom 404 page set up

Facebook OG Tags, Twitter Cards Implementation

Internal Linking Fixing

Fixing Broken Links

HTML Sitemap Creation

Page Speed optimization

Google analytics setup

Bing Web Master setup

Content Optimization

Sitemap Implementation

URL Optimization 

Web Content Optimization

HrefLang Optimization

Mobile design Optimization 

Meta Description Optimization

6. Go with Off-Page Optimization - Link Building

Throughout the world everyone SEO expert even SEO agencies say link building is important, yes it is true, but do you know how to create backlinks means what are the top points that you all have to consider in which creation of backlinks for any business niche website?

Here are some link building tips that you all need to take care of during the creation of backlinks -

1. Follow relevancy - Top most priority - It means suppose we have PPC Agency in NYC and SEO Agency in NYC then we have to create backlinks on websites that contain the complete content on the web IT SEO Digital marketing PPC topics...

2. Find high DA PA websites - Domain Authority and Page Authority

3. for 100 backlinks create 100 different types of unique content

4. Build 70% backlinks on Brand Name and rest 30% on the keywords

Here are the Various Link Building techniques -

Creating Content for Link building

Social Bookmarking Submission

Profile Backlinks

Classified Submissions/Local ads

Business Listing Submissions

Directory Submissions

PPT/PDF Submissions

Image Submissions

Product Submissions

Question and Answers

Blog Comments

Web 2.0 Submission


Press Release Creation & Submission

Competitor Analysis

Video Submissions


Guest Post

Micro Blogs

Follow these Steps to rank your website at the top Page of google. Have any query or if you need SEO work done for your business website then 

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Do you know what are the benefits of Organic SEO?

Organic SEO Agency near me in NYC USA

Location: New York, NY, USA


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