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Friday, July 23, 2021

PPC Agency Near me Washington USA


                PPC Agency near me in New York USA

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 What is PPC?

 PPC Full Form is pay Per Click. A business owner has to pay Google at the showed ad when someone clicks on the ad. 


There are three kinds of Business Owners around the world. 

  1. Small business owners and Startups.
  2. Medium Business owners.
  3. The third is the high business ventures and Big Businesses, like manufacturers, Hotels, resorts, tour travel agency, stone Veneers manufactures mining, goods manufacturers, clothing manufacturers, and industries has 500 Plus employees with 5 to 7 million annually infrastructure. 

The dominant factor is the Targeted Keywords to set up PPC or Google Ad Campaign for your business? 


Here is the proper plan for the PPC campaign -

  1.  Your daily budget to spend on PPC.
  2. Your target Location according to the budget.
  3. Targeted keywords.
  4. The time that you wish to go with PPC for your business. Maybe for one month or 3 to 6 months.
  5. PPC agency near to you.
  6. The budget that the PPC agency takes weekly.
  7. What is the ROI?


You prepare a complete plan and hire a PPC agency.


Here are the points to ponder before hiring a PPC agency near to you -

  1. The budget that the PPC agency takes weekly.
  2. Work Quality.
  3. Time delivery.


Suppose you are running a PPC agency in New York. First of all, decide the budget. Suppose your budget is $100 per day. Great! 

The second point is the Targeted Location. So, let's suppose your target location is only New York. 

The third factor is your targeted audience. Now, who are your targeted audiences? It is simple, those who need marketing services to grow their business Instantly and locally. Instantly means, no doubt, they have money, and they can spend $100 per day.

Fourth-factor targets only those audiences who have the budget for the PPC. 

Let's explore in detail if you wish to start a PPC campaign or Google ads for your PPC agency in the USA.



  1. Let's suppose your per-day budget is $100
  2. Step 1 – Search targeted Keywords

Open Google.com

Search Google keyword planner

PPC Agency Google Keyword Planner


Click on the Link https://ads.google.com/intl/en_in/home/tools/keyword-planner/


Sign In with your Google Account


After Sign-In, you will get the Google Keyword Planner dashboard


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Have a look Image of the Google Keyword Planner Dashboard



PPC Agency Google Keyword Planner Dashboard

Click on the Discover New keywords


You will get another dashboard of the Google Keyword Planner

Have a look image


PPC Agency Start with keywords research


 Start with Keywords

There, in this image, below you see “All Locations”

Click on it to change the location, otherwise when you search any business related keywords then all the it shows the research analysis of keywords according to all locations


So, what we have to do is we have to select particular location to get the keywords ideas related to the particular area…

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Let’s suppose if you wish to select the Location or you wish to target the New York as your Location then click on the “All Locations”

Here you get the next image –

PPC Agency Click on All Locations in the Google keyword Planner

IN this image click on the “Enter a Location to target”

Type there “New York”

If you are from Europe, Germany, France, Paris, Switzerland, or any part of the world, then type your targeted location where you want to show your ads.

Even you can set up multiple locations also.

If you want to set up particular miles for your location,  then also you can do.

PPC Agency  New York Location to target

Select first one – New York, United States State – there you are discovering 39,700,000 audiences to reach.


Click on the target


PPC agency - New York target Location is Set

 Now Click on Save Button


Here is the result


PPC Agency Search keywords in new York USA


Now Search keywords according to your business as we had taken business “PPC agency”


Search various keywords like -


PPC agency NYC

PPC agency near me

New York PPC agency

NYC PPC agency

PPC Company near me

PPC Company NYC

NYC PPC Company

Google Ad agency

Google Ad Agency NYC

NYC Google ad agency

NYC Google PPC Company


 So Look only 10 keywords we can do search at one time

PPC Agency - Only 10 keywords will research at 1 time in Google keyword planner

 Click on get results


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Here are the results



PPC Agency Keyword research




PPC SEM Agency Keyword research


These are the most important keywords for which we can target our Agency to generate more leads and sales –

PPC Agency New York

PPC Agency NYC

PPC New York

PPC agency near me

PPC companies near me

Google advertising company

Google ad company

Google ads marketing agency

Google advertising agency

Google ad agency

Google ads company

Google marketing agency

PPC Agency in USA

New York PPC Agency

PPC marketing near me

New York PPC

PPC Management Company


Well depends on the requirement


On Which Basis we have to decide whether we have to target which keyword?

Here are three type of the keyword that Google help us to set up Google Ad Campaign -

1. Broad Match keyword

2. Phrase Match keyword

3. Exact Match keyword

Here are the following factors that we can decide whether we can target that keyword or not

We have to analyze Average monthly searches, Competition, Top of Page Bid (Low range)

Top of Page Bid (High range, and so many other factors.


What about the “Budget”?

Yes, but there are so many other factors too.

 Let’s Set Up New PPC Campaign or Google Ad for the PPC Agency NYC.



First search in the Google – Google Ads

Click on the First Link or you can click here - https://ads.google.com/home/


Sign up with your Gmail Account from which you need to create your PPC campaign or Google Ad.

Here the Google Ad Dashboard Comes after signup.



PPC Agency Set up New Google Ad Campaign

 At this Dashboard, click on the Button “New Campaign” -

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You will get New Dashboard at Google Adwords -

Goal for your PPC Google Ad


Now you have to decide which Goal is best to grow your business. There are various goals that you can set up a campaign for your business –

  1. Sales Goals.
  2. Leads Goal.
  3. Website Traffic goal.
  4. Product and Brand Consideration Goal.
  5. Brand Awareness and Reach Goal.
  6. App promotion Goal if you have an app.
  7. Local Store Visits and promotions goal.
  8. Last is to create a Campaign without a Goal’s Guidance.


Generally, the business owners go with the website traffic Goal. It is because it offers many benefits.

  1. Audiences visit the website.
  2. The audience interacts with their business.
  3. Audiences Network with the business and get solutions.
  4. Improve business brand visibility.


We want to run an ad for the website traffic Click on the website traffic button at Google ad dashboard another dashboard will open.

Here is another dashboard in the Google Ad

select campaign type Google ads

Which one do you have to select from the above-mentioned options – Search Ads, Display Ads, Shopping Ads, Video Ads, and Discovery Ads?



What is a Search Ad?

It means to reach your customers who are interested in your PPC services or products if you sell via text ads which are shown above at the Google SEO Organic results. So with this PPC campaign type selection any business owner drive more traffic (means more visitors to the website) to your site with text ads or call ads that show near to the organic SEO search results of Google.com or according to the targeted country Google domain like if you are from Australia then Google.com.au, or if you are from the UK then Google.co.uk, on Google search partner’s sites, and more


What is a Display Ad?

Drive new customers to your website and build your site visitor list with ads that show across the web, and optimize your campaign’s performance with automated bidding, targeting, and ad creation


Run different kinds of ads across the web

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What is Shopping Ad?

Get clicks to your website from people who are likely to make a purchase

Promote your products with shopping ads.

What is a Video Ad?


Bring interested people to your site and get more conversions with a compelling call to action and other features that encourage people to take action after your video plays


Reach and engage viewers on YouTube Channel and across web.

What is a Discovery Ad?

Get clicks to your website from customers most likely to purchase with visually rich personalized ads that show across YouTube, Gmail, Discover, and more

Run Google ads on YouTube Gmail and many more

Let's Suppose we go for the Search Ads only.

After clicking on search ads, add your website URL to reach your Targeted Goal.


Our Website is http://www.udmideas.com/

Add website


Add your website to Google Ads


Click on the Continue Button

Here we will discover the following New dash Board in the Google PPC ad.



give campaign name in the Google Ads


At the above image, you can see from the Google Ad Dashboard –

Type-Search – Goal – Website Traffic

Campaign Name website-traffic-search-1

Networks – search Networks and Display networks


Do these things -----


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                              1 MONTH PPC MANAGEMENT FEE  $300 

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1Give a new name to the Google ad campaign, so you can remember like we are giving “UDMIDEAS Search Google Ad Campaign” -

  1. In the networks deselect the display Networks, so many benefits you will get.
  2. Here is the New dashboard after updating the above mentioned Google Ad Dashboard


UDMIDEAS Google Ad Search Campaign USA

 Ok, great…

Click on Show More Settings; anew Google Ad Dashboard will come.



Show More Settings in Google Ads Campaign

Leave the above Google dashboard section as it is.

Scroll Down... 

 Select Target Location in Google Ad Campaign. Suppose you want to target your ads only in New York than at the bar “Enter a location to target” according to your wish of the location that you would like to target in the world.

Here is a new Google Ad Dashboard that will come after selecting New York as your target Location.



Select Target Location in Google Ad Campaign


Click on the Target to set location


Choose Language English as well other language. 


Select New York location in Google Ad


 Select Audiences according to your business niche in the Google Ad Campaign. 

New Location new York Set in Google Ad


Scroll Down New DashBoard will arrive there. You have to select your audiences, and here is the result.


Select Audiences in Google Ad according to your business niche

Which is the Best one out of these options in the Google Ad Audience selection process?

Select audiences to add to your campaign. You can create new audiences in Audience Manager.

help outline



Who they are

(Detailed demographics)


What their interests and habits are



Google ad will make your business reach those users according to what online users at Google are actively researching or planning (In-market)

How people have interacted with your business

(Remarketing and similar audiences).

Here in this section, google ad will show your (Combined audiences).


Let's Work Together

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 You want to select particular audiences for your business. We like to suggest that you should go with this - What their interests and habits are in the (Affinity) section.


But, better to leave it as it requires a lot of research.

So move ahead in the Google Ad campaign.

 Here comes the prominent part of your PPC Google ad campaign. How do you have to select the Budget and CPC?


which audience are better click on the browse option in Google Ad


Let's suppose we want to spend per day $100 on Google ads. For your business, you can decide per day spend, according to your business budget.


Set Budget and Conversions or Click or CPC in Google Ad

 We set per day Budget $100, and the Cost Per Click CPC is $.30.


per day $100 and cpc set in Google ads PPC Agency NYC USA Udmideas

We will set Site links and Call extensions later. 

Select New Settings Now in Google Ad

 Click on Save and Continue Button.


Now you have to set up Ad groups as follows - 


Set up Ad groups in Google Ad



Give the new name to the Ad group.

UDMIDEAS Ad group or according to your business choice.

 After setting some keywords, here are some estimates from the Google –

The daily estimates include-

  1.  How many clicks do you get?
  2. What is the cost per click?

 It is a research-based process. 

It is just an example of the particular keywords and a particular budget per day of $100. A lot of research is required to optimize any google Ad campaign to reduce the CPC. 

Estimates based on your keywords and daily budget from Google Ads.

UDMIDEAS Ad group daily estimate from Google ad - 





Avg. CPC


Daily budget


Note - For 30 days, we want to spend $3000 - It means Google ad can't spend more than $3000 a month, but Google ad may spend more than $100, maybe $150 or $120 per day, but in a month Google can't exceed its limit beyond $3000. 

Note - you can set up a particular time per day for your ad. Suppose you wish that Google only your ad from morning 10 am USA time to Evening 9 pm, then you can easily set in Google Ad campaign.

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We discover daily estimates of clicks in Google Ad



We selected only broad Match keywords.  There is a Phrase that matches the "NYC agency near me" keyword selection. The exact match [NYC agency near me] keyword selection. You can take anyone according to your business niche. The Google ad setup is not a daunting task, but keyword selection is a research-based process, with a lot of research and time required. To set up a Google Ad Campaign 

So we move to the next – click – Save and Continue Button.

 Now Create Ad – Title or headline (Each of 30 Words) and Description (Each of 90 Words)



final url set up in Google Ad

set up headlines in Google Ad

set up headlines and description in Google Ad

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Ad strength and preview ad in Google Ad

set headlines in Google Ad for UDMIDEAS

Do research to ad headlines and heading in Google Ad

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Preview and Ad strength Showing Good in Google AdFor UDMIDEAS

Now After Setting headlines and Descriptions in the Google Ad group, here is the image that you will see.

Publish UDMIDEAS Ad in Google Ad

 Now, Click on the Publish button to publish the Google Ad. IN the same way, you can also create your ad for your online business to reach hundreds of users interested in your business services or solutions.

Add is under review for UDMIDEAS PPC Agency NYC


UDMIDEAS NYC agency Google ad is under review. Wait for some time or a few minutes. Your ad will approve sooner.

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Now, we can Create Extensions.

Create Extensions in Google Ad


 Here is how we can create a call extension for the UDMIDEAS. You can also set up a call extension for your online business.


Create call extension for UDMIDEAS in Google Ad

  Click on the Save Button

Add call extension to UDMIDEAS Ad group. Now your Google Ad Call extension is done. Your call extension is shown to the users, so they call if they need your services or wish to discover more information about your services.

Add Call extension to the udmideas Google Add group

 Click On Done

Now create a Sitelink Extension to share more information about your agency or business.


create site extensions for UDmideas in Google ad


add site extensions to udmideas Google ad group


 Click on done

Now you are ready to start your PPC campaign and grow your business. Only you have to add a payment to your google AdWords' Account.



your PPC Campaign in Google Ad is approved Now running


PPC campaign or Google Ad approved now running.

So, in this way, we at UDMIDEAS PPC agency near to you in the USA set up your Google Ads or PPC campaign. 

Let's Work Together

 More Traffic, More Leads, More Sales

                              1 MONTH PPC MANAGEMENT FEE  $300 

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Location: Washington, USA


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