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301 Redirect –
For Example
Type www.schoola2z.com in Google and See what you get? SchoolA2Z page is redirected to another page.
It is the rule with which a particular page is redirected visitor to another web page permanently.
301 redirect applied when old web url redirected to new url permanently.
Benefits – All SEO related backlinks of old URL directly affect the new URL, suppose seo work done on old URL and its targeted keywords ranked well, and somehow webmaster created new business URL for same business to take all the SEO work done on old URL to new URL – 301 redirection give huge benefits.
People who already saved or bookmarked old URL automatically visit to the new URL.
PHP redirection code
// PHP permanent URL redirect - generated by www.rapidtables.com
header("Location: http://www.uniqueideas.com/", true, 301);

301 redirect set up via .htaccess file
RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^example.com [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.example.com/$1 [L,R=301,NC]
ASP redirect
<%@ Language="VBScript" %>
' ASP permanent URL redirect - generated by www.rapidtables.com
Response.Status="301 Moved Permanently"
Response.AddHeader "Location", "http://www.uniqueideas.com/"


ALT Text/Tag or Attribute –
Do you know images to webpages are not seen or crawled by boots, or crawlers!
How we can make images visible to search engines? For that ALT text Attribute is used.
Applying ALT text to images Google boots easily predict the image according to the applied ALT Text tag to image
So, it is always prefer to apply this attribute to images of websites according to the keywords which completely describe the image.

HTML <img> alt Attribute

<img src="learndigitalmarketing.gif" alt="Learn Digital Marketing">

Anchor Text – 
Link applied to the text which on click direct visitor to the specified web page.
How to Create Anchor Text?
<a href="http://www.udmideas.com">Unique Digital Marketing IDEAS</a>
Anchor text help search engines to understand what page is all about.
Blog –
Weblog or journal
It is a part of website where anyone publishes unique content.
For example
Create blog on Word press, Blogger, Blog, Rediff, and so one.

Bookmark –
A link or reference to a website saved for future reference. Search social bookmarking websites, in Google, there you will see huge list of websites.
For example – Delicious, Newsmeback,
Your content easily crawled by Google bots, SEO professionals use bookmarking websites for saving business websites, so SERP shows best websites to users around the world.

Canonical URL – 
Canonical URL saves you from Duplicate content, if has same content for many pages, like product websites.
<link rel="canonical" href="http://example.com/blog" />
CSS (Cascading Style Sheets
It makes your website beautiful. It is a coding comprises of different elements to make website attractive and stand out from other online business.
Example – Heading, Links, Content, Blocks, Design

Directory –
It is same directory like Phone number where you get the contact details of peoples with phone numbers.
Directory in Internment Marketing is a space or place or hub where websites information is stored. The most popular directory is the DMOZ. Directory is not to get links but a place where website complete information along with title and description is stated. It helps to find your business easily.
Domain is the name of your business. It is the main address of your website. Purchasing domain for long time represent authorized business.

The Fold 
The top window opening in browser where user sees what website is all about is called above the fold. So while designing a website, designers and developers keep in mind that all important information of business comes at top of the website. For example, above the fold contains, forum, images, ideas, phone number, email id, contact us.
Avoid too many ads at top of the website. Search engines give priority to those websites whose above the fold describes all important information related to business.

To make website attractive heading tags are used. Heading tags attributes are as follows <h1></h1>, <h2></h2>, <h3></h3>, <h4></h4>, <h5></h5>, <h6></h6>
Sometimes italics <i></i> and strong <strong></strong> is also used to outline the important text.
Website coding is done with the help of HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language. Search engines always love to read html of website. Keep your HTML as clean as possible. Lay-out related code should be put in CSS. USE DIV instead of Table as DIV code offer more attributes. We are now days using HTML5 advance version of HTML.

Inbound Link  
A link created for one website to another website. While creating link keep relevancy in mind. For example, if have education website, create link to education related web page.
Inbound links improve search engine ranking. Keep in mind the website to which link is created id of high domain authority and high page authority.
Internal Link
A link created from one page to another page with in same website. Avoid too many internal links. Internal links help visitor to move the next page of same website. It decreases the bounce rate. It helps visitor to stay for long time.
Indexed Pages
Webpages of your business websites which are stored by search engines. Do you know where the web pages are initially stored before crawled? That space is called Sand Box. Indexing improves search engine ranking.

It is a scripting language which helps webmasters to apply many changes to the unique content. With respect to time JavaScript changed a lot and offer effective on-page seo technique.

A particular word use to target the business. User’s around the world type various keywords in search engine and get their required output in form of web pages. A web page comes on that keyword if the website is relevant to that word.
Keyword goal is to attract visitors around the world.


Link Building
This is the process or set of techniques which are used to create back links for a particular business.
More inbound links means improve brand visibility of business.

Long Tail Keyword
Set of combination of 3 to 4 words. Targeting long keywords at initial stage of SEO helps to achieve business website ranking at the top of SERP. Small business always considers targeting long tail keywords.
For example – Instead of targeting web design target or create back links on the keyword web design company in Jaipur. Short tail keywords are too hard to get ranking.

A complete set of data tells search engines what a website is all about.
Meta Description
Meta description is the top priority combination of targeted keywords which occur in the search engine result process.
Keep your website Meta description unique. Length of Meta description is between 150 to 160 characters.

Meta Keywords
It was previously used by search engines in early 90’s. But, now not no longer used by search engines, but if use them definitely helpful to get improvement in ranking process of keywords.

It is the predefined logarithmic ranking approach provided or given by SEOMOZ, currently known as MOZ. Priority set from 0 to 10, 10 being the best link webpage. It tells the website is of high quality. It improves search engine ranking of targeted set of keywords.

Links are of two types – do follow and no follow. No follow means when no SEO credit passes to another. It is also important factor for ranking, because Do follow links are difficult to gain. 50% of do follow and 50% of no follow is a good idea.

Page Title
Unique name of the webpage appears or seen at top of the browser. <title></title> - is of about 60 characters. Use relevant targeted keywords while creating unique title. Beginning words of title are more highlighted as compare to those words which are used last in the title.

Google changed a lot, now days Google giant search engine avoid to improve the page rank, but it still counts the major factor.
It is the number from 0 to 10 which is assigned by the Google.

Panda is the algorithm update from giant search engine regarding the content. So avoid creating spammy content to website or in article, or in blog, or anywhere while using any off page technique. Otherwise panda effect to your business website.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)
Advertisement platform which helps to improve your business sales, on targeted keywords, PPC is used for instant results. Ads appear on the Google and other websites according to the revenue the webmaster if spending. For big business PPC is a good idea, regarding small business seo hats off.

Ranking Factor
It comprises of many factors including, number of inbound links, and page domain authority of websites, unique content of websites, off page and on page activities done for business web page. 
Referrer String 
Information sent by a user’s browser when visitors navigate from one page of website to another. It provides information about users from where they are coming. It helps webmaster to easily determine the user behavior towards website.
RSS Feed
It stands for really simple syndication. Setting RSS feed for blog or website helps user to stay updated with your business. Visitors after subscription automatically get latest news about your business.

SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page)
Search any keyword in Goggle, giant Google displays 10 results. These results may vary according to the query. It means the web pages provided by search engines according to user queries.
A special document created for webmasters that provide a complete map of the business website.
How to create sitemap? Use “sitemap generator”, or manually.
Creating sitemap helps search engine crawlers to find your business website easily. It also makes website indexation easily.
Social Media 
There are some special websites where live users pre present, like Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus, twitter, LinkedIn, and many more.
Through social media, content easily shared, which boost visitors to website. Links from social media profiles boost keyword ranking and helps to improve brand visibility of website.
Spider is a computer program or an algorithm that determines the information about websites.

The number of visitors staying to a website
The content which represents what web page is all about. It encloses in-between <title> </title> - Title of website consist about 60 characters.
It improves search engine visibility, and title of every page must be unique.
Traffic Rank
The total number of visitors to business website, using Alexa any one could check the traffic rank.
URL –  The website address of complete web pages, Example – www.udmideas.org
Stay with UDMIDEAS, for Complete Unique Digital Marketing Learning and enjoy the concepts on SEO, SMO, PPC in easy way. Students ask any kind of question if they are learning Digital Marketing.


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