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What is SEO

Beginners guide SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, a technical methodology of vivid techniques, strategies and well defines tactics to improve or attract visitors to website. It is also a process to defeat other Internet business by obtaining higher ranking in Search Engine Result Process.
SEO History (Evolution of SEO)
1.       On August 9, 1991 - Tim Berners-Lee Launched Worlds First Website. Websites crowded, Internet becomes hub for searching, search platforms are revolutionizing at that time, information comes in catalog; Yahoo (1994) and Google (1997) emerges. Marketers enjoying keyword tagging, as well as keyword research; give raise SEO including link building at that time, with some algorithms.
2.       Era of SEO Evolution 2003-2005 – Google took charge, improving search results which are user friendly.  A motto comes “don’t be evil”.
3.       From 2006 to 2009, Google developing its wings launched Google analytics, Google trends, and effective algorithms to avoid the misuse of search results and user get the valuable information for which they are searching. More personalized web decorum is developing in this era, Internet becomes smarter day by day.
4.       A massive growth in SEO comes after 2010, improving brand visibility, website ranking. New features come – Google Knowledge Graph, Google Plus along with Google+ button born at that time. Social media marketing rising with content marketing strategy.
5.       The Present SEO – Brand Improvement, Ranking Improvement, visitor’s improvement, Information improvement worldwide. Today’s business is not a particular area oriented; using SEO anyone would target any country for business.
6.       The Future of SEO – We are in the new age of SEO, Future is Bright, and it is growing with extra pace. Every business require website, what after website is created? SEO comes and play its important role.

Benefits of SEO
1.       Improve Brand visibility
2.       Improve Return Of Investment.
3.       A healthy Earning is Possible for All Business Professionals.
1.       It is necessary; Think how to sell your products or information to Ireland people, if business is in Australia.
2.       Millions people come to your website from around the world, but how? When they know about your business!

Why Learn SEO?
1.       A bright Future is waiting in the field of Search engine marketing.
2.       Why not? Don’t you want to start your own business?
3.       Small investment, you earn a lot.

Where to Learn SEO?
Learning is not difficult, but implementing SEO is difficult, a lot of practice work require while learning SEO. Without practical SEO is all what Zero to learn from any institute or any person.
1.       Contact UDMIDEAS for Complete Digital Marketing IDEAS including SEO, SMO, PPC.
2.       Stay connected with our UDMIDEAS blog.

Is Training Necessary?
Yes of course, you are engineer or doctor, or student, whatever you are you got training for someone else as what you learn.

Who Learn SEO?
Any Human being learns seo, age doesn’t matter, whether you are 60 years or you are 10 years; learn Search engine optimization ideas and tactics, more benefits.
If you are student, father, mother, housewife, job professional, entrepreneur, business professional, or whatever your business may be you must learn Digital Marketing.

Does SEO Help to Start Your Business?
Yes of course, creating website in not enough from website developer, promotion as well as marketing requires. SEO boost business brand visibility, thus improving ROI.
How SEO Improve Your Business?
1.       Improve Brand Awareness
2.       Comes in Top SERP for targeted business sales keywords
3.       Improve sales, relationships, and Customer visibility to business website.
4.       Improve Return of Investment.
Which Field is Better – Seo Web Design or Website Development?
Every field is better and has own benefit’s. Learning SEO is a great idea, as it makes you to stand out from CROWD.


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